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The “Black Knight Brownie”

Updated: May 21, 2019

Many if you know that I LOVE to add Queen City Brewery beer to my food. It started about three years ago when I first discovered the QCB Porter and added it to my favorite chocolate cake recipe. Well, after about 40 recipes I have reach the absolute pinnacle of my beer recipes, the “Black Knight Brownie.” while growing up in Northern New York, I made brownies a couple of times a week. I joke with friends that “Brownies are my favorite cuisine.” It’s not just the amazing memories of baking in my grandmothers kitchen, but the smell of the rich, decadent dessert meant I was home; safe, warm and loved. This was one thing that my grandma taught me, food brings people together. Our family would gather at her table at least once a week for a big family dinner. Surrounded by my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings where we were united as one. Coming home from school after softball practice, I would enjoy a couple of homemade brownies with a cold glass of milk. This recipe is a celebration of that time of my life when we were all still family. Many have passed, or moved and have lives of their own. Some are distant and we don’t speak. I guess that’s what keeps bringing me back to brownie recipes today, I still long for that feeling of a family united, safe and warm.

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