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Summer is Coming!

Updated: May 22, 2019

I am not a Game of Thrones fan, but I get the premise after all of the recent hype in the media. The good thing about life is that it's unpredictable and ever changing. As I enjoy a day delving back into writing again, I realize that I have been lax in updating current events. My daughter Cathy, just graduated from the Vermont Technical College for a second time, this time as a Registered Nurse. She has poured so many long hours working on building her career, raising little Sophie, and still finding time to spend with her family and friends. Matt is still amazing in his role as a father. While Sophie was having a normal three-year-old temper tantrum the other night, he lifted her up and calmed her down by whispering to her, "Listen to my heart." In order for her to hear his heart, she had to stop crying, and put her ear to his chest and listen. Within seconds she was relaxed and back laughing and playing once again. This was so impactful to me. What a great thing I had learned at that moment, stop-- listen to your own heart--calm down. Understanding that life has it's challenges, some are still hanging on from months ago. Situations I wish I could change have eaten at my heart, and it's changed me from the upbeat happy-go-lucky person that I know I am. I had to stop, listen, calm down, move on, and forgive myself. I have to stop picking up each prickly moment that comes along, and adding that to the tumbleweed that is growing bigger and bigger in my heart with each additional situation. I need to take the time to reset. Time to meditate, and change my head and heart back to where I was prior to that one occasion. This week, I am taking time for myself, the first of three vacations this summer to help move me forward again. Cathy and I are going to Cape Cod to spend some Mother/Daughter time. Each of us need a reset, as we prepare for our next chapters in each of our lives. Cathy will be working in Oncology at the University of Vermont Medical Center. I am preparing for the next cookbook to be published, and returning to working seven days a week with my two jobs that I absolutely love. In the Cape we will feast on lobster at the Lobster Pot, pick seashells from the sand, and make an Israeli dinner based off of the recipes I just fell in love with in Michael Solomonov & Steven Cooks' Easy, Essential, Delicious Israeli Soul cookbook.

We rented an apartment, so we can cook together, drink wine and talk about life, just the two women resetting because ...Winter is Coming.